“If you push me towards a weakness,
I will turn that weakness into a strength.”

Michael Jordan

Mini Obstacle Time Trial Challenge

August 2017 saw the launch of the inaugural Plus X Challenge obstacle time trial event which took place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Plus X Challenge was conceptualised with the aim of testing out the interest of such an event within the fitness community before the actual event.

The event gathered a positive response from residents of various cities including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and of course Brunei.

While Plus+ Magazine received over 250 submissions of interest, only the 25 fastest challengers were selected as the Plus Xlite participants.

In a span of three days between the 11th and 13th of August, participants had to face the time trial obstacles to the best of their abilities.

The challenge – being the first of its kind in this region – consisted of a total of three obstacles: the tyre, the incline climb, and the incline rope climb. It was designed to test an individual’s speed, power, mental and physical strength, and body coordination.

For the tyre challenge, participants were required to pick up a tyre, and then run through 6 tyres by alternating their steps. Once they made it through all 6 tyres, they would have to drop the tyre they were carrying and attempt the next obstacle. Although this appeared to be the easiest of the obstacles, it required a lot mind and body coordination and took the longest time.

Things only got tougher as the challenge continued. The second obstacle – the incline climb – demanded participants to show their strength at its best by climbing or jumping over the obstacle. This hurdle turned out to be quite the “risk-taker” as participants had to choose the best way to get across – many preferring to jump over although the risk of injury from doing so was higher.

Once they successfully figured a way out of the incline climb, participants reached the last obstacle. The inclined rope climb tested the upper body strength and leg power of the individuals taking part in the course. Participants had to climb the inclined wall by pulling themselves up with the help of a rope and hit the hanging bottle. If they missed the bottle, it was considered a failed attempt.

The last obstacle was clearly the “make or break” factor. It was the most strenuous task that saw some contestants calling it quits either due to injury or fatigue, unable to see through the entire challenge. But the rest of them preserved.

Those who managed to cross this hurdle had to do the obstacles in reverse by picking up the tyre and running over the 6 tyres again to get to finish line.

After three days of trials, a winner emerged with the fastest completion of only nine seconds.
Dominic Goy – from Hybrid Movement Brunei, walked away with the prize money of RM1,000.

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