“If something stands between you and your success, move it.
Never be denied.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, professional wrestler and actor

This is the

plus x

The Challenge

The Plus X Challenge is brought to you by Brunei’s leading lifestyle and fitness publication Plus+ Magazine. Our mission is to provide the ultimate motivation for anyone who wants to change their body for the better, who wants to take things to the next level, who wants to see what they really can achieve.

This is a fitness challenge like no other. It has been designed to give everyone the opportunity to test themselves to the limit- then to push beyond. This isn’t just running, this is running with obstacles designed to take your body and mind beyond what you thought was possible. This is the Plus X Challenge.

We’re building a multi-stage series of Challenge events, starting with the Plus Xperience and the Plus X. Once you’ve conquered these we will be revealing more details about our greatest Challenges and what you will need to do to overcome them. Some will be by invitation only, some will even be top secret and only available to the best of the best, the Xlite.

“Take control of your life and your body. Set your goals. Train hard. Run hard. Conquer the course. Feel the elation. Forget the pain. See the next challenge. Start again.”


The Plus X obstacles have been designed to target and challenge every muscle group. You will attempt tortuous climbs that will push your legs to the limit. Tackle savage upper body tests that will make those biceps burn. You will be constantly tested with obstacles designed to make you crawl, bend, squeeze, balance and push ever harder.

Failure will lead to pain and punishment – water traps, painful landings, and more await those who fail to make the grade. Join our mailing list now to be amongst the first to find out what challenges await when we release our obstacle guide soon…

Plus Xlite

Plus Xlite is an exclusive invites only and earn the highest recognition in the Plus X community, and only the selected few will be invited to join and only a few will know the true extend of the benefits of being a Plus Xlite.

Plus Xlite earned the priority rights to participation in Plus X Challenge invites only events and as well as other perks. Challenge yourself. Push over the edge. One day you could be one of the lucky few…

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